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No deprivation here - delicious & nutritious recipes!
Sara Vance is a Nutritionist - but she is also a foodie - so she doesn't do "bland." And she doesn't want you to either!!  
Sara believes that healthy and delicious can come together every time we eat!! 
Sara has created over 60 recipes for this program - all designed to keep your blood sugar stable, reduce cravings, balance your energy & moods - and of course - taste great
Breakfast Suggestions
Starting each day with a low carb breakfast helps to boost energy and keep cravings at bay:
Chocolate for breakfast? Heck yeah!!


"The Frosty" can be breakfast, post-workout, lunch or dessert!  Yum!!

Superfood anti-aging smoothie


loaded with superfoods, fiber and protein - this smoothie will keep you going all morning.


Baked mini veggie omelettes w/avocado
these make ahead mini omelette's might just change the way you view breakfast!  Delicious, easy, portable, and great leftover!
Lunch Suggestions

Lunch items are delicious and satisfying and include salads, soups, wraps and more! Many are make ahead and portable.

Probiotic quinoa power bowl
The quinoa bowl might just change your life!  Get several different versions of the quinoa power bowl. 
Vegan Caeser Salad
The quinoa bowl might just change your life!  Get several different versions of the quinoa power bowl.
Dinner Suggestions
Salmon with mustard sauce
One of my kids' favorite recipes - this is fancy enough for a weekend or company - but easy enough for a weeknight meal.  Serve along with lemony green beans and cauliflower rice.
Green Chili Chicken
There is a hidden ingredient in this delicious dish - cauliflower - and you would never know it was there.  But the real star of this dish are the tomatillos and poblano chili peppers!!  
Dessert / Snack Suggestions
Chocolate pudding's allowed? It's true!


This superfood pudding is rich in healthy fats and will satisfy your cravings.


Coconut almond butter cups
These little candies are delicious metabolism-boosters and cravings busters.  
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The Metabolism Jumpstart Cookbook & Guide
Learn about 10 metabolism-boosting superfoods & get 15 recipes to incorporate them.
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