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The Break up with Sugar Program was created and is guided by Nutritionist and Author Sara Vance.  


Sara is so passionate about what she does, because she has been on the other side of health....


"A sugar junkie for decades, I was overweight as a child, and suffered a long list of chronic health complaints for years.


I was a very picky eater - who hated vegetables and could live on hot dogs, pickles & ice cream (way before I was pregnant)... 

Turns out - I was a supertaster - which can make you pickier.  It also means that I don't do "bland."  I am a foodie who loves designing delicious & nutritious recipes.


I finally found the answers right at the end of my fork! I am passionate about helping others find their answers too!

I often wonder what the 12 year old me would think about the fact that I became a Nutritionist, wrote a book about metabolism & health, am a regular guest on TV, teach healthy cooking classes, and speak to large audiences about nutrition!" 


Sara Vance

Nutritionist & Author of

The Perfect Metabolism Plan

veggie lover
green juice drinker
dog lover
tv contributer
recipe developer
12 year old me
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